How to accurately calculate the number of working days

Accurately calculating the number of working days is important for many office workers. Incorrect calculations can impact salaries, vacation, project deadlines, and more. In this article, we will learn how to accurately calculate the number of working days.

Understanding how to calculate

Calculating the number of working days should be done taking into account the calendar, public holidays, and each company’s policies. Simply put, it finds the total number of work days over a given period of time.


Step-by-step approach

  1. Calculate basic workdays: Calculate basic workdays by counting the total number of days between the start and end dates on the calendar.
  2. Excluding weekends: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are excluded from working days.
  3. Consider public holidays: Public holidays should be excluded from the workday. The list of public holidays may vary from year to year, so please check the list of public holidays for that year.
  4. Check company policy: Each company may have alternative holidays or special work arrangements. Check your company’s policies and, if necessary, factor them into your workday calculations.

Additional tips for accurate calculations

  • Use Excel or specialized software: Tools like Excel allow you to easily perform complex calculations. This is especially useful when repeated calculations are required.
  • Check annual public holidays in advance: Since public holidays change each year, it is recommended to check public holidays in advance at the beginning of the year.
  • Be flexible to changes: Sometimes unforeseen circumstances (e.g. emergency public holidays declared) may arise. You must be prepared to respond flexibly to these situations.

Calculating work days may seem complicated at first, but with some practice and understanding, anyone can do it. Manage your work-related schedule more efficiently through accurate calculations.

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